EASIscore.com allows medical professionals to quickly calculate the eczema area and severity index to determine atopic dermatitis severity.


The area score is the degree to which one of the four body areas is affected:

    0 means not affected
    1 means < 10%
    2 is between 10% and 30%
    3 between 30% and 50%
    4 between 50% and 70%
    5 between 70% and 90%
    6 between 90% and 100%
You can slide between 0 (none) and 3 (severe) on the severity of:

    Redness / Erythema
    Thickness / Edema/Papulation
    Scratching / Excoriation
    Lichenification / Leatheriness

Free access

Healthcare professionals can use EASIscore.com free of charge to calculate, compare and store EASI scores.

Data is stored not on any server but on your own device in so called 'local storage' where it will remain until you delete it, and where only this browser can access it. From local storage, you can export it to an excel spreadsheet, to other applications, or to another EASIscore.com instance. To even further ensure the security and confidentiality of your data, it is recommended that you do not identify your patients by name but e.g. by a patient ID from your own software.

Team access

Team access allows access to the same data to a team of professionals. Team access also allows for large data sets to be analyzed anonymously for research purposes. Get in touch for more info about team access and about our services.


Team data is stored with an external ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified storage partner. Stored data is encrypted. Access to the site is encrypted.

Further reading

Wikipedia article on EASI.


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Easiscore.com is an initiative of Storm Healthcare
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